We strongly believe in pure and sensitive thoughts and that type of experimental attitude that proves the penetrability of cultures through the means of gastronomy.

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About us

Pasztell is the first restaurant in Hungary opened by a foreign, namely Italian, two-Michelin star chef.

Pasztell has the top-notch kitchen technology available in Europe.

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The style

Nicola Portinari and János Erdei have created a unique kitchen here in Pasztell proving the fusion of Hungarian taste and Italian cuisine.

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The design

The image was formed along the idea of the fusion created by the Italian interior designer Marcello Galiotto and the Hungarian brand designer Géza Ipacs.

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Opening hours:

Dear Guests,
In light of recent events, we have decided to close our doors from Monday, 16th of March for an uncertain period of time. As soon as the circumstances allow us to, we will reopen our restaurant!
Meanwhile you can rich us on the following phone number


Budapest Bajcsy-Zsilinszky way 22.

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